RMAN Backup with Archivelog

RMAN Backup with Archivelog

In this post, we will learn how to take rman backup with archivelog step-by-step guide. What is backup database plus Archivelog? The backup database plus archivelog command will create a database backup with archivelogs using the RMAN utility. RMAN Backup with Archivelog Or you can use the below script for the same task. Output from … Read more

Oracle RMAN

introduction to rman

In this tutorial, I’ll be describing the RMAN (Recovery Manager), which we frequently use to backup and restore Oracle Databases.┬áBackup and Restore are essential tasks for Oracle database administrators. “Introduction to Oracle RMAN” Introduction to Oracle RMAN Oracle RMAN Tool is available to help you manage the Backup & Restore operations. It comes with the … Read more

How to Restore Database until time

Restore Database until time

Hi, in this practice, we will restore database until a specific time in the past, or restore database until time. Restore Database until time RMAN restoration until time script. Step 1: Set environment For Windows: set ORACLE_SID=orcl For Linux/AIX: export ORACLE_SID=orcl Step 2. Start Database nomount Start your database till the nomount stage using pfile. … Read more