How to check when last stats was gathered in Oracle?

check last gather stats in oracle

In this article, we will explore how to check the last analyzed date of tables and indexes in Oracle, or in other words, how to determine when the statistics were last gathered. “check last gather stats in oracle”. Check last gather stats in oracle Here are the complete steps to retrieve the latest statistics gathering … Read more

How to convert scn to a timestamp in Oracle

convert scn to a timestamp

Oracle includes built-in features that allow you to convert scn into timestamp or timestamp to SCN. SCN_TO_TIMESTAMP accepts as an argument a number which evaluates to a system number (SCN) and returns the approximate timestamp associated. This function can be used to find the approximate timestamp associated an SCN. Oracle provides two packages, TIMESTAMP_TO_SCN and SCN_TO_TIMESTAMP. convert scn … Read more

How to Remove Table Fragmentation in Oracle

Remove Table Fragmentation

Fragmentation leads to slowdowns in-database processing and excessive storage space wastage. This article will explain how to determine if a table has been fragmented in Oracle. Remove Table Fragmentation. Gather Table Stats Gather table stats which has slowness issue, if you recently gathered the table stats then skip this option. OR use the below query: … Read more