Install Linux in Oracle VirtualBox

In this article, we will learn how to install Linux in Oracle VirtualBox step by step. We are demonstrating Oracle Linux 8.4 installation here, the steps are almost the same for Redhat Linux/Centos, etc.

Required Softwares

Step 1: Create a Virtual Machine

Open VirtualBox software and create a new virtual machine first.

virtual machine 1

Step 2: Decide RAM size

Select the RAM size for your virtual machine then Next

ram size for virtual machine

Step 3: Hard Disk Space

Select Disk Space then Next

disk space

Step 4: Check the Machine Summary

If the machine configuration is the same as you decided then Finish.

virtual machine summary

Step 5: Start the Virtual Machine

Now your machine is ready, Click on the Start button to process the Linux Installation

start virtual machine

Step 6: How to Install Linux in Oracle VirtualBox

Use the UP arrow key select “Install Oracle Linux 8.4.0” and hit enter

How to Install Linux in Oracle VirtualBox

Step 7: Language

Select language then continue

select language

Step 8: Installation Destination

Click on installation destination and select the disk

installation disk

Step 9: Root Password

Click on Root Password and set it

root password

Enter your Root Password then click on the Done button

enter root password

Step 10: Begin Installation

begin installation

Step 11: Reboot System

Once installation is completed then click on the reboot system button.

reboot system

Step 12: Licensing

Click on License Information and select the check box “I accept the license agreement“.

licensing accept

Step 13: Finish Configuration

And finally installation process is finished Just click on “Finish Configuration“.

finish configuration

Step 14: Enter username and click on the next button then enter password

set username
set password

Step 15: Start using the Oracle Linux server

this is the last step now you can enjoy the Linux server.

start using

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